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Your health

Sanifort Pharma helps people to live as fit as possible and to enjoy good health each day, with all the physical, mental and emotional benefits that come with a healthy lifestyle.


From the best quality plant extract to the specialist in the hospital. At Sanifort Pharma we strive for effective solutions for as many people as possible. For simple support as well as long-term treatment.

To this end, we are active in a large number of therapeutic classes and we have a versatile product range that can grow together with our customers and partners.

Discover here the 6 therapeutic classes in which we are active today:

Different than the rest

We are not just a manufacturer of food supplements and natural products..

We are passionate about pioneering scientific research, and work with a laser focus on the development of new products. This is backed up by our many years of broad experience in the world of health.

Our targeted products contribute vigorously to the top condition and optimal recovery of our customers.

Our highest goal: customers in tip-top condition, and for that we’ll walk through the fire!


Scientific, technological and legal progress today makes it possible to develop nutritional supplements that have much in common with, or are even more innovative than, a number of existing medicines.

Thanks to these evolutions and our many years of worldwide experience in the production and distribution of medicines, generic medicines and nutritional supplements, we are uniquely able to keep our finger on the pulse and be a pioneer in introducing innovative products. Each with added value for patient, doctor and pharmacist.

Sanifort Pharma

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Client Service:
Monday- Friday: 09:00 until 17:00

All our products are available at your local pharmacy and at online pharmacies.

Our promises

At Sanifort Pharma, we strive for satisfied customers in tip-top condition. Our products are available in each Belgian pharmacy and online pharmacy: the highest quality healthcare chain. This means they are available immediately and you are always assured of the best treatment for your condition. ’Always better from the pharmacist!’

Should you be dissatisfied in any way, we want to hear about it and assist you in addressing the issue. We are always available via our contact page and we refer you to our refund guarantee as described in our general terms and conditions.

‘Sanifort Pharma, products you can trust!’

Fast delivery

Thanks to the extensive network of Belgian pharmacies and online pharmacies, our products are available almost immediately. Usually collected the same day or delivered the day after.

Quality guarantee

Sanifort Pharma products are prescribed by general practitioners and specialists. Sanifort Pharma products are available among others in each Belgian pharmacy and online pharmacy e.a. 

At Sanifort Pharma we work hard to deliver you only products of the highest quality.

You can rest assured that our product information is closely monitored. Each product is registered with the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (, which assigns a NUT/PL number to each product it approves.

Production according to the standards

Our products are then produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, a standard that is also used in the production of medicines. Once the products enter the distribution chain, they are transported under the highest possible GDP quality standard (Good Distribution Practice). From the moment our products are delivered to the pharmacy, it is the latter that guarantees perfect delivery in addition to the advice of a specialist.

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